Grafo-therm Anticondensation Coating

Is the cost effective long term solution to preventing and treating dripping roof condensation.

As used on 1000's of buildings across the UK with 100% success, buildings from domestic garages, Cold stores, Aircraft hangers, Schools, Sports facilities to vast warehouses. Condensation costs millions each year through damage to goods, litigation, accidents and premature corrosion of fixings and purlins, in some cases the roof fixings have failed in only 5-7 years. All single skin steel or aluminium roofs including insulated systems with a ventilated airspace have the capacity to condense and drip on some materials condensation produces the ideal conditions for mould growth, to prevent this.

The photo shows how water collects around perforations made for electric cables to pass through to the cold store lighting.

Cold Stores

When the roof above a Cold store suffers from condensation hazardous conditions are caused. When the condensation drips from the roof and purlins onto the top of the highly insulated composite panels, this forms large puddles which in our experience have been up to 60mm deep, putting a lot of extra weight onto the panel and decreasing the panels safe working load, this water permeates through the joints and any perforations into the panels, this water then freezes and increases the weight of the composite panel in extreme cases huge icicles form inside the cold store itself, we have seen these up to 2m in length and normally there is a patch of ice on the floor below, these icicles readily break off when the panels flex due to someone walking on top for maintenance etc.

The photo shows the just sprayed roof and the over spray on the container sides which in most circumstances is the only part of the sides that condenses.

Be Safe - Specify Grafo-therm
Used on Cold store roofs for nearly 40 years with 100% sucess For new cold stores

For new cold stores the most cost effective method of achieving condensation control is to have the roof sheets pre sprayed with Grafo-therm at our factory where we mask the side laps and any end laps from spray, dry them overnight in our ovens then repack ready to dispatch to your site.

Warehouses and Workshops

When condensation is allowed to freely drip from warehouse and workshop roofs it can cause problems with the electric/fire alarm systems, it can damage machinery, watermark or stain stored goods, make piles of cardboard boxes collapse, encourage mould to form on the already damp stored goods and even allow ice patches to form on the floor.

This photo shows a warehouse being sprayed with Grafo-therm, as this was a winter application heat is ducted up to the roof to dry the coating.The tarpaulins control the over spray and contain as much heat as possible.

Shipping/Storage Containers

Grafo-therm is used in many shipping containers which are mainly used for storage purposes both privately and in self storage centres, throughout the winter months they tend to drip with condensation causing damage to stored goods and has resulted in litigation and insurance claims.

The photo shows the just sprayed roof and the over spray on the container sides which in most circumstances is the only part of the sides that condenses.